Too Broke to Go to Coachella?

So if you are like most people stuck in the LA area this weekend, $600 is not a thing you can just fork over for a festival. On top of the ticket price, you still have to account for food and party supplies. As much as we want to see Outkast reunite, my bank account will not allow it.


Enter Brokechella; a festival taking place in Downtown Los Angeles with 4 stages, visual artists galore, and even a space for your dog fittingly called Puppychella. The best part about it is that it is only a $10 ticket ($20 at the door).


At first I was a little hesitant to commit to something called Brokechella but after researching the event, I have to say that I am actually excited to attend. There will be live art installations, interactive art exhibits, and even a portion with comedy acts. As if the price tag and hippy attitude of screw the mainstream was not hipster enough for you, they are encouraging sustainability pretty heavily. There will be recycling bins everywhere and they are not handing out paper programs but encouraging festival goers to download an app to keep track of the set times.


Not only am I excited that this event is giving me less of a reason to complain about not making it to Coachella, but it is located in my neighborhood and I am totally walking to it. You can get more information on their website where they have a good FAQ section. So bring your camera, your dog, and we will see you guys Saturday at Brokechella!

Coachella Weekend 1- Must See Music

You got your tickets, or a decent shot at sneaking in. Your bags are packed. You have somewhere to stay. Coachella is on. You are pumped.

coachella snail

With the sheer amount of talent that will be performing in weekend 1, you are NOT going to be able to see everything. A little planning goes a long way. Check out our selection of must see sets.

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4 ways to Sneak into Coachella

The only time I have been to Coachella, I snuck into the festival.  That’s right.  I didn’t even have my own ticket.  Truth is, there’s always ways to get in when you don’t have a ticket. If you have the desire to make your way onto the polo fields for Andre and Big Boi’s triumphant reunion this year, but don’t have a ticket, it is time to take a risk.

Use one of these 4 strategies to gain your entrance. All have been done successfully, but none are guaranteed to work. Use at your own risk. See you on the other side.

Sneak in Strategy #1 – The Photographer

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I Just Acquired a Half Pipe from Skrillex

For the last few months we’ve had a new neighbor in the workshop. It wasn’t a normal tenant who comes at 10 and leaves at 6 with a cleaner and a couple parking spaces. This was unique. They normally showed up at 6 and stayed all night. Around 9 the building would start shaking with bass and smoke would permeate the halls, occasional strobes and lights shining from the main hall.

skateboard, red bull, skrillex, ramp, miniramp, grinding, skate, half pipe

Bennie rips the ramp during our skate break

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Dodge Sportsman 1969 Front

Van-xiety New (old) Car

There are a few decisions as difficult as the purchase of a new car. You know its a decision that you are gonna live with for a while, so “choose wisely” is the mantra.

Being a surfer, with a family of 3, soon to be 4, my requirements are simple. Get the boards and the family from point a to point b.

Now is the time to make the move towards the van. NO, not the minivan. Hell no. Are you kidding me?

Dodge Sportsman 1969 Front

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Piet Mondrian: Godfather of Neoplasticism

Piet Mondrianquick facts about our man mondrian -

Born: The Netherlands
Lived: 1872 – 1944
Died: Brooklyn, NY (Now that’s OG)
Famous for: Founding De Stijl Movement
Why do you care?: His life’s work has vastly impacted the history of art and possibly your own creativity!

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Gerdo Aquino discusses inspiration and the future of LA

gerdo aquino
Gerdo Aquino is 44 years old. Not only is he one of the youngest CEOs in architecture, he is CEO of SWA, the largest landscape architecture firm in North America. Gerdo started in community college and graduated from Harvard. He is a true testament to hard work and dedication. If you live in Los Angeles, chances are you’ve seen his firm’s work. I sat down with him for a quick discussion about his inspiration and future direction.

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